‘Hatred’ Lands Rare ‘Adults Only’ Rating In North America

Written by chuck on January 20, 2015 – 6:00 am -

Paul Tassi

Color me unsurprised, but Hatred has come back from the ESRB with a very rare “Adults Only” (AO) rating, something the industry rarely ever sees in favor of the far more common “M for Mature,” that most violent titles receive, including the likes of Grand Theft Auto. It’s similar to the also-rare NC-17 rating among movies that’s a step above R, and both classifications pose distribution problems for the media in question. NC-17 films have a hard time finding theatrical distribution much of the time, and few retail outlets will carry AO games.

The Hatred team seemed a bit surprised with the AO, as one dev said on their forums:

“Well, I’m not quite convinced why Hatred got AO rating while it lacks any sexual content, but it’s still some kind of achievement to have the second game in history getting AO rating for violence and harsh language only. Even if this violence isn’t really that bad and this harsh language isn’t overused.”

The only other game to receive an AO for straight violence is Manhunt 2. Other titles that have been branded with the rating had a sexual component like Indigo Prophecy, or GTA: San Andreas, once it was revealed the game contained an interactive sex minigame, the famed “Hot Coffee” mod.

In short, your game has to be practically the most brutal in existence to land an AO for violence alone, and it appears Hatred has done just that.

Similar to Manhunt, from the demo footage, Hatred does appear to feature prolonged execution sequences of extreme and horrific violence. But unlike Manhunt, many of these acts are performed on civilians. For all Manhunt’s brutality, for the most part, the other characters you were killing were also murderers or at least general “bad guys.” Hatred is all about hunting the innocent, or at best, cops that are shooting back at you.

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Mysteries of the Unseen World

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I assume sexy toys will be the real thing now?

Written by chuck on April 11, 2014 – 10:15 am -

After decades of work, a team of doctors say they’ve successfully engineered vaginas that have been implanted and grown in women. The vaginas were grown in a lab from the female patients’ own cells and later transferred to their bodies, where they formed into normal vaginas. The breakthrough bears some huge implications, too.

It sounds confusing at first, but the process was fairly simple. Anthony Atala from the Wake Forest School of Medicine led the research using a technique developed in the 1990s. The patients were all women born without functioning vaginas due to a rare but severe condition known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome. While they all had vulvas, the external part of the female sex organs, they didn’t have a vaginal cavity, meaning they couldn’t menstruate or have sex. There were also, obviously, psychological effects.

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Luxury driverless concept car offers view to the future

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Chrome Extensions to send ad- and malware-filled updates

Written by chuck on February 19, 2014 – 10:39 am -

Adware vendors buy Chrome Extensions to send ad- and malware-filled updates.

One of the coolest things about Chrome is the silent, automatic updates that always ensure that users are always running the latest version. While Chrome itself is updated automatically by Google, that update process also includes Chrome’s extensions, which are updated by the extension owners. This means that it’s up to the user to decide if the owner of an extension is trustworthy or not, since you are basically giving them permission to push new code out to your browser whenever they feel like it.

To make matters worse, ownership of a Chrome extension can be transferred to another party, and users are never informed when an ownership change happens. Malware and adware vendors have caught wind of this and have started showing up at the doors of extension authors, looking to buy their extensions. Once the deal is done and the ownership of the extension is transferred, the new owners can issue an ad-filled update over Chrome’s update service, which sends the adware out to every user of that extension.

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Mind Over Mechanics

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Mac now supports Windows

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How to Open a Can without Can Opener

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Very interesting!

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BOEING’S New Space-Age Weapon

Written by Ed on October 12, 2013 – 9:32 am -

God Bless America

Most interesting 2 minutes on new technology that Boeing has developed. A must watch!

You won’t believe this latest technology…

click on this… http://www.boeing.com/Features/2012/10/bds_champ_10_22_12.html

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The Beauty of Pollination

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