The B-17 Swamp Ghost – Found After 68 Years In the Jungle

Written by chuck on May 16, 2017 – 6:00 am -

Aug 10, 2016 Joris Nieuwint

The Agaimbo swamp is located in one of the most remote regions of Papua New Guinea. It is infested by malaria–carrying mosquitoes and huge crocodiles and the heat is overpowering.

It is the last place in the world you would expect to find a World War II bomber, but that is exactly what was discovered there by the Australian Air Force in 1972.

The bomber was a B-17E Flying Fortress, a four- engine heavy bomber used by the United States Army Air Force, it was piloted by Captain Fred Eaton and took part in one of the first air attacks by the US Air Force during the war.

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