Idiot Republican Congressman believes dog you be able to fight.

Written by chuck on February 16, 2017 – 6:00 am -

by Doreen Patton January 31, 2017

Congressman Steve King [Republican, Iowa] believes dog fights should not be illegal in in the United States. His explanation for this outrageous statement is baffling: since humans are allowed to fight, why not allow dogs as well?
It’s wrong to rate animals above human beings – King stated during an interview at a town hall.

He continued: There is something wrong with society to make it a crime to watch animal fight, but there is no law that bans somebody to watch people fight. (An audio recording of his statement can be listened HERE)
If we take King’s statements into account, then society should be allowing animals to enroll in university, drive cars and get pets to pay their taxes.

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